magmode名堂是由作家蔡崇达创办的“立体出版社”  店铺。 2016 年 5月 ,magmode名堂在北京三里屯开设了第一家概念店  ,并首期签约了Masha Ma、SEAN SUEN、徐嘉政等三位设计师。



Magmode名堂的创办理念是,不仅仅是一家时装集合店,更是一个探讨生活可能性的文化计划,并将通过工作坊、影像、出版等介质,戮力成为时尚文化的策源地和推动者。MAGMODE 名堂旗下包含服装及生活用品等品类,目前已签约MASHA MA、SEAN SUEN、徐嘉政、HIUMEN CHOW等多名亚洲顶级设计师进行品牌孵化,并和DISCOVERED(日本) 、SCYE(英国)等多个国际设计师品牌达成合作开发意向。


Magmode hall is co sponsored by editor in chief, fashion director, writer and artist of top international fashion magazines. Every season, we will cooperate with fashion media people, artists and designers from China, Europe, Japan and other countries to explore and screen in the global scope, and finally present the most expected designers of this season, and make a more Asian version adjustment based on the figure of Oriental people.

The founding concept of magmode hall is not only a fashion collection shop, but also a cultural plan to explore the possibility of life. Through workshops, images, publishing and other media, magmode hall will strive to become the source and promoter of fashion culture. Magmode hall includes clothing, daily necessities and other categories. At present, it has signed contracts with many top Asian Designers, such as Masha Ma, Sean Suen, Xu Jiazheng, hiumen Chow, etc., to incubate its brands, and has reached cooperation and development intentions with several international designer brands, such as uncovered (Japan), scye (UK).

Magmode believes that the core of life upgrading lies in the spiritual content of objects, striving to "publish" everything about a better life. Including designer brand, assembly shop, video, exhibition, APP application, workshop, Mook, etc.

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